Below the Root Final Location Map

Below the Root was developed by Telarium and published by Windham Classics for the Apple ][ and Commodore 64 in 1984. 1

There are excellent information sources and walkthroughs for Below the Root. However, I decided, on my last play-through, to map out the one locale in the game that I found somewhat frustrating, the end "dungeon". This is only meant as a visual aid. Consult a walkthrough to explain where to go and what to do. The sides of the map fold around to meet the other side. There are also door pairs which are labelled A through E. 2

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1 Information, in part, from HOTU's Below the Root page.
2 Door "E" Note: I organized these screenshots into a webpage 9 years after my last play-through. All doors have a visible "mate" except E. My notes say that the doorway marked "E" is paired with the location marked "E?", but I'm not certain where or if it is one-way.

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