My primary character during the Galaxies beta test was a bothan scout named Keikai Sse'tah.

Below are a number of action shots of my pets.

Katie as a kitten, soon after I began her training, resting in the camp I built.

Katie, after growing up a great deal, fighting off a vicious narglatch.

Katie and I on the plains of Naboo.

Katie and Chihiro from Keikai's first person perspective.

Below are a number of pictures showing of some of my pets outside of my house on Talus.

And, finally a few pictures of me outside my house on Talus.

You can't top this view, can you? And no neighbors for miles. Paradise for my little bothan scout.

And. finally, a shot of me next to the largest, but not toughest, prey my pets and I ever brought down.