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This entire section is new and in a very early phase of development. Additionally, the Hall of Fame database is still very incomplete.

Best Games of All Time
Title Pltfrm Year View/GenreDeveloperPublisherC
Deus ExWin3220001st RPG Act StlIon StormEidosY
Planescape: TormentWin321999Iso RPGBlack IsleInterplayY
System ShockDOS19941st RPG ActLooking GlassOrigin SystemsM
Hall of Fame
TitlePltfrmYear View/GenreDeveloperPublisherC
Vampire the Masquerade: BloodlinesWin3220041st RPG Act StlTroika GamesActivisionY
Thief 2: The Metal AgeWin3220001st StlLooking GlassEidosY
Falcon 4Win3219981&3 SimMicroProseMicroProsen
Fallout 2Win321998Iso RPGBlack IsleInterplayY
Grim FandangoWin3219983rd AdvLucasArtsLucasArtsM
Thief: The Dark Project/Thief GoldWin3219981st StlLooking GlassEidosM
FalloutWin321997Iso RPGInterplayInterplayY
Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrinth of WorldsDOS19931st RPGLooking GlassOrigin SystemsY
Ultima 7: The Black Gate & Serpent IsleDOS1992Iso RPGOrigin SystemsOrigin SystemsY
Ultima Underworld: The Stygian AbyssDOS19921st RPGBlue Sky Prod.Origin SystemsY
Wing CommanderDOS19901st SLtOrigin SystemsOrigin SystemsY
Ultima 4: Quest of the AvatarApple ][19852-d RPGOrigin SystemsOrigin SystemsY
Honorable Mentions
TitlePltfrmYear View/GenreDeveloperPublisherC
PsychonautsWin3220053rd Plt AdvDouble FineMajescoY
Thief: Deadly ShadowsWin3220041st Stl OpnIon StormEidosY
Flight Simulator 2004Win3220031&3 SimMicrosoftMicrosoftn
Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicWin3220033rd RPG ActBioWareLucasArtsY
The Elder Scrolls 3: MorrowindWin3220021st RPG OpnBethesda SWBethesda SWY
Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick ObscuraWin3220012-d RPGTroika GamesSierra Corp.Y
Clive Barker's UndyingWin3220011st Hor ActDreamWorksElectronic ArtsY
Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the DamnedWin3219992-d AdvSierra Corp.Sierra Corp.Y
Baldur's GateWin321998Iso RPGBiowareInterplayY
The Elder Scrolls 2: DaggerfallDOS19961st RPG OpnBethesda SWBethesda SWn
Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast WithinDOS19952-d AdvSierra Corp.Sierra Corp.Y
Mission CriticalDOS19951st AdvLegend Ent.Legend Ent.Y
The Elder Scrolls: ArenaDOS19941st RPG OpnBethesda SWBethesda SWY
Ultima 8: PaganDOS1994Iso RPGOrigin SystemsOrigin SystemsY
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the FatherDOS19933rd AdvSierra Corp.Sierra Corp.Y
Wing Commander: Privateer DOS19931st SLt OpnOrigin SystemsOrigin SystemsM
MegaTraveller 2: Quest for The AncientsDOS19912-d RPG OpnParagon SWParagon SWn
Ultima 6: The False ProphetApple ][1990Iso RPGOrigin SystemsOrigin SystemsY
Ultima 5: Warriors of DestinyApple ][19882-d RPGOrigin SystemsOrigin SystemsY
2400 A.D.Apple ][19872-d RPGOrigin SystemsOrigin Systemsn
Ultima 1: The First Age of Darkness (RR)Apple ][19862-d RPG ArcOrigin SystemsRichard GarriottM
AutoduelApple ][19852-d ArcOrigin SystemsOrigin SystemsM
Below The RootApple ][19842-d RPGTelariumWindham Clsc.M
Ultima 3: ExodusApple ][19832-d RPGOrigin SystemsRichard GarriottY
Series Greats
Series Name Pltfrm Began View/GenreDeveloperPublisherC
Zork (All Releases)Various1977AdvInfocomVarious 
Ultima 1-9 + ExpansionsVarious1980RPGOrigin SystemsOrigin Systems 
King's Quest 1-8Various1984AdvSierra Corp.Sierra Corp.Y
Bard's Tale 1-3Apple ][19851st RPGInterplayElectronic ArtsY
Space Quest 1-6Various1986AdvSierra Corp.Sierra Corp.Y
Thief 1-3Win321988StlVariousEidosY
Wing Commander 1-5 + ExpansionsDOS1990SLtOrigin SystemsOrigin SystemsY
Gabriel Knight 1-3Various1993AdvSierra Corp.Sierra Corp.Y
WC: Privateer 1-2 + ExpansionsDOS1993SLt OpnOrigin SystemsOrigin SystemsY
The Elder Scrolls (All PC Releases)Various1994RPG OpnBethesda SWBethesda SW 
Computer Game Company Greats
Origin Systems19832004
Looking Glass Studios/Blue Sky Productions19902000
Troika Games19982005
A woefully incomplete list of some of my favorite developers

Name (listed alphabetically)

Avellone, Chris
Church, Doug
Garriott, Richard (Lord British)
Neurath, Paul
Roberts, Chris
Schafer, Tim
Spector, Warren
There is no doubt that many, many more people should be on this list, but these are a few of the developers who have been in the limelight enough to be well known and whose work I have respected greatly.

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